Reverse Engineer a Sponsored Post

What are the ad’s strengths?

While I was scrolling through Instagram, the “Go Places” title caught my eye. It uses a nice script font with a soft blue and purple watercolor purple. It is very pleasing to the eye. It’s difficult to tell in this screenshot but the add is actually a video. The video cycles through 6 photos. Each photo shows happy people traveling in cool places. I thought that this was creative because it felt like I was looking through a scrapbook or a postcard. I stopped on the video because I enjoyed looking at each of the photographs and seeing where the people had traveled. I especially like this ad because I don’t feel forced to act on something but rather, I feel intrigued to click because I want to “go places” and “do what [I] love.”

What are the ad’s weaknesses?

I think that the text could be arranged differently because it all feels too clumped together and makes it a little bit difficult to read. The Go Places Sweepstakes is in a nice place but they could have moved the other words below the picture, or spaced it all out better.

What is the ad trying to accomplish with its design?

The main purpose of this ad is to get people to click on the Learn More button to take them to their website. When you click on the learn more button, it gives you information about the sweepstakes. I think that the end goal is to get people to wander over to their online store and buy something.

How has the design used: CompositionFundamentalsContrastLinesLayoutGolden SectionRule of ThirdsNot HalfSwiss Grid or Custom Grids?

This ad uses lines to display its content. Content is divided into three sections with implied lines. The design could use more white space but I think it does a good job of serving its purpose of getting people to click on the learn more button.

What metrics (likes, shares, re-tweets, etc.) will be used to determine if the ad is successful?

This ad could use likes to determine if the ad was successful. There are currently 953 likes and 12,489 views. They could also use analytics to see how many times the learn more button was clicked and directed to their website.


One thought on “Reverse Engineer a Sponsored Post

  1. I love the watercolor lettering on this as well. I also love that the background has very subtle texturing, like it’s been taped or spilled on. It would have enticed me to click to learn more because I would be curious to know what their idea of the ultimate trip is and how it would let me do what I love to do.


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