My Personal Manifesto

Find Balance

In order to find a balance in my life, I first need to find the things in my life that take up time and sort them based on their importance. Part of finding this balance means eliminating the things that are least important to me. The things with the greatest importance are the ones that improve my life in some capacity. I have struggled with many different mental health issues throughout my life. The best way for me to cope with it all is to take the time to meditate and find peace. In order to find some sort of balance in my life, I will use this class as a way to discover methods on how to become mindful. Through social media, I will share my resources.

Help Others

I want to create an account on different platforms to share the things I discover on my path to finding balance in my life. I have decided to name this Rest and Be Mindful which is a play on words from the quote “Rest and be thankful”by William Wordsworth. With this account I plan to help others who are going through similar problems as I am by posting material that can teach them how to handle mental health and the general stresses of life. I plan to share quotes, mindfulness exercises, tips, and provide a space where people can connect and share their experiences as well. I have been looking for a way to serve others that are struggling with the same things that I deal with. This is just something small that I can do to accomplish that desire.

Be Consistent

Consistency is one of my greatest weaknesses. I have a strong desire to change that into a strength. With social media, it is important to be consistent with the things that are posted. I know that if I am consistent, the people who follow my account will feel like they can depend on me and trust in me.


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