Week 13 Reflection (B250)

Well, we have arrived at the end of the semester. This semester went by very quickly but I feel that I have learned so much in that short time. I know that I will carry the skills that I have learned into my future careers and they will be an asset to my resume and skill set.

This week we learned more about link building for our website. Link building is how you network with other companies to boost your SEO ranking and create more traffic to your website. There are many different methods to build links that direct to your site. Adding links on all social media platforms is a good way to start although this method won’t increase your SEO ranking. To increase SEO ranking, you can also comment on other blogs and websites with a link back to your website. Another great method is offering a service to another website, such as writing a review or article, and having them place a link to your site in return. There are many out there who need to link build but don’t know who to network with so asking around through email, or phone call is a good method to begin.

Here are some links about ideas on how to begin link building:




Link building can also be a difficult task so it is best to set goals before you begin. Here are some questions to get started:

Map Out Your Strategy

  1. Who and when?
  2. What and how?
  3. Where will the links be gathered?

Here is my plan that I have created for this website.

1. Who and When?

I will be the one that is doing the work of finding places that I can place links to my website. I want to increase my score on woorank.com, so I will begin searching for places this week and hopefully will have at least 2 reliable websites with a link back to my site by next Tuesday.

2. What and How?

I will mostly be focusing on gathering links from blogs and websites of friends. Some of the keywords that I will be using are “handmade jewelry” “boho chic jewelry” and related terms without all of them being too similar.

3. Where will the links be gathered?

Boho and Basil Etsy Page (the jewelry business)

My personal blog

My friend’s blog




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