Week 12 Reflection (B250)

I can’t believe this semester is already almost over! I have learned even more than I thought I would at the beginning of the semester. This week we learned about SEO and social media. The big question or overall theme of the week was how can we use social media to increase the amount of followers or customers that we get?

The first topic we discussed was how we can optimize social media to get more traffic to our webpage. I really liked this article about the 4 steps we can implement for social media.

The four steps are:
1. Listening
2. Content
3. Socialize
4. Measure

One of the biggest steps that I feel I need to implement is content. I don’t have enough content on my webpage for my page to be found through the words that I use. This is where a blog can be very beneficial to the webpage because it directs others to the page through the keywords that are used on my site. Using specific keywords throughout my blog allows others to find my website through searches.

Another important step and one goal that I have over the next few months is to socialize. My website already has both Instagram and Facebook accounts but I need to take the time to use those accounts to build up the characteristics of the brand and gain trust through the things that I post, share, like, and comment on. Those four actions are essential to gaining followers.

Here is another article that helped me:

Overall, this week has mostly shown me the things that I need to improve on in order for my website to be successful. I haven’t had a purchase on my actual website yet (there have been purchases on the Etsy page) and I feel the reason why is because I haven’t been using social media to gain the traffic that I need.


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