Week 9 Reflection (B250)

We are still working with Google Analytics and Google Adwords this week. I was amazed to find out that Google Analytics does so much more than I previously thought. Not only does it track the views that each of your pages receive, but it also points out the geographical location of where that click came from. It can also tell you what directed a viewer to your page and if the click came from a different webpage, it can tell you the link. This is not all that Google Analytics can do. There is so much more to be discovered!

Here is a great link to a lesson on what Google Analytics is, and what it can do for your business:

The specific video that I linked in lesson 3.1 talks about how google analytics actually works. I thought that this was a useful tool for me because I am uncertain of the limitations of Google Analytics. I have yet to activate my campaign on Google Adwords, but once I get everything rolling, I think that I will be able to understand the abilities of Google Analytics.

The most surprising thing this week has taught me is that I really enjoy looking at statistics and the trends of webpages. I think that I have sparked an interest in thinking about social media management where I could create the content for a company and analyze the data that comes from Google Analytics and other sources. I think that it is interesting to see the different trends based on statistics.


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