Week 7 Reflection(B250)

For this week, we focused on getting started with Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a tool that is used to place ads on Google using specific keywords. When a user searches the keyword, the ad will appear in the search results based on the budget that has been set. The business then pays that amount on a pay per click system. When setting up an Adwords account, it is important to consider the following questions:

  • What geographic locations do you want your ad to show in?
  • What devices do you want your ad to show on?
  • Do you want to use automatic or manual bidding?
  • What is your daily budget?

In my opinion, setting a daily budget is one of the most important parts because it determines how well your ad will show up in the search results. I chose $3 to start with as my daily budget. While this is not much, I think that it is a great starting point for what I am doing and I also don’t have enough to pay more.

Here is a link to a video about Adwords for future reference:

The next step is to choose keywords to use for your ads. This is a very critical step in the process of setting up Google Adwords. The best thing to think about when selecting keywords is to think about what actual users would type in if they were searching for a product related to yours. It is important to think about what characteristics make a successful keyword and vice versa. Here is another useful video about selecting keywords:

A very helpful feature with Adwords is that you can also select negative keywords. Negative keywords are words that aren’t associated with your product you are trying to advertise.
This is a great article from google about how to select negative keywords:

This week’s assignments will be helpful in completing my next project which is to activate an Adwords campaign. I think that it is a useful and unique skill to know the basics of using Google Adwords. It is a great skill to have on a resume that will stand out from others since building advertisements is essential to a successful online business.


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