Project Corrections/ Time Spent:
Brochure- 30 Minutes
Webpage-30 Minutes
Business Identity Project-1 hour

Total: 2 Hours

Description: The purpose of this assignment is to create a portfolio in InDesign that showcases all of my work from this semester in Visual Communication 130.

Process(programs, tools, skills, Focus principles):
1. I first began by viewing previous portfolio examples and by researching portfolios on Google. I knew that I wanted to create something simple that wouldn’t distract the viewer from my projects.
2. I set up an 8.5 by 11 document in InDesign with 21 pages. I then used Adobe Illustrator to create the blue brushstrokes seen on all of my pages.
3. I inserted the Illustrator files into my portfolio on the master pages. I also added page numbers to the master pages.
4. I then added in the titles in my selected typefaces and I inserted the files of my projects to see how they would look.
5. I filled in all of the sections for the description pages.
6. I made corrections to some of my projects. The layout wasn’t changed in the portfolio because I had linked the files of the projects and updated the links.

Critique Process:

I received critique from my husband Joel to remove some extra brush strokes that I had added previously. He told me that I should keep it simple so that it didn’t take away from my projects. I edited my files in Illustrator and updated the links in InDesign.

Message: My message was to show my progress that I have made in this class.

Audience: Potential clients and employers

Top Thing Learned: Using master pages in InDesign is a very useful skill that saves a lot of time and can make a project look very unified.

Color Scheme and Color Names:
Monochromatic// Fountain Blue, white, and black

Title Font Name and Category:
Chasing Embers// Script/decorative

Body Copy Font Name and Category:Β 
Pragati Narrow// Sans Serif

Thumbnails of any Original, Unedited Images:

Source of Each Image:
Images and graphics used for this project are my own.


11 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hannah, you are incredible. I am so impressed with all of your work! Seriously, as I flipped through your slides, I can see that you are incredibly talented. You have such good style and taste. You always gave me such good inspiration with the things you were designing. I hope to see you in future classes! Good luck with everything!


  2. Hannah, you are so talented! I love the design of your portfolio and how it repeats throughout. My favorite project of yours was the brochure project, you did an amazing job on that! I hope we have future classes together!


  3. Hannah you really have a talent at graphic design! You have created yet another incredible design that inspires me to push myself! I love the font choice you used for your portfolio design-very unique. My favorite project of yours is your infographic! It was such a clever topic idea and I love the graphics you chose to make it fun and interesting to look at. I love that it has that playful kid appeal within the design. It also has a very good layout that makes it look very clean and professional. Awesome job! You have a bright future! Hope we have more classes together! πŸ™‚


  4. Hannah I really enjoyed your designs during this semester, you are very talented at designing. I love your portfolio, the font you chose looks really nice and the dotted line makes it really interesting, awesome job. My favorite project is your brochure, it really shows many of the design principles like, flow, repetition, alignment.
    Thanks for your awesome contribution this semester and my best wishes for the classes to come.



  5. Hannah, as I looked through your portfolio I noticed that each of your designs are unique and customized to each project. Your portfolio design is beautiful and reminds me of Anthropologie or trendy water color paintings. It is hard for me to choose a favorite, but one of the most memorable designs is your infographic. You created darling graphics with the perfect color scheme and background. I’m so glad I could be in this class with you! You are very talented and have been a great example this semester. πŸ™‚


  6. Your Portfolio is really cool with the wavy lines or waves or whatever they are called. The color scheme fits all of your projects really well. One thing that I have noticed that many people have been doing is the alignment of the subjects and their descriptions. It is very interesting. Anyways, I hope that your projects help you find work because they are pretty good.



  7. Hannah, great job on this! I love the watercolor theme and everything is placed just right. All of your projects are so well done,tasteful, and beautiful. I hope you continue to design! See you around πŸ™‚


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