Montage Project

Montage Project

The purpose of this project was to create a spiritual message by blending two images together.


  1. The first thing I did was search for a scripture that I could use to convey a strong spiritual message. I prayed before I searched so that I might find something that could touch others through my design and uplift them. As I was looking through my scriptures, the lyrics of the hymn “How Firm a Foundation” kept coming to my mind so I felt that I should use the quote “Fear not, I am with thee” which is from the scripture Isaiah 41:10.
  2. Next, I went to to search for a good picture to use for my background image. I searched the word faith and found many great images by one photographer but used this photo of the boy laughing and reading scriptures.
  3. I opened this image up in photoshop and added the filters unsharp mask, and lens flare. I also used the levels and color selection adjustments to take away the orange tint that was on the boy.
  4. I placed the image of Jesus over the top and sized it so that he was proportionate to the boy. I added a mask to the layer and used a black paintbrush to remove the parts of the photo that I didn’t need. I also decreased the opacity to add a nice effect of the Savior being there with the boy in spirit, but not there physically.
  5. After I had both images placed correctly I used the color selection tool to grab an orange and blue from the boy’s shirt and placed the text in the right hand side.

Critique Process:
I was critiqued by Christine Winward, Mckenzie Farnsworth, Kevin Carroll, Kylee Priest, and Caroline Webster. A lot of the comments were very positive which made me confident in the design! A suggestion was to focus/sharpen the boy’s face which I did using the sharpen tool. I also received the suggestion to put a box around my text but I thought that it looked better leaving it the way it was. I received critique from Brother Holladay to work on making the outlines of the image of Jesus a little more, especially the his hands and hair. I also received my face-to-face critique from my husband who told me to remove the small gap between the boy and Jesus which was difficult to do, but it ended up looking really great!

The overall message is to help the viewer to understand that we are never alone in this life and that the Savior, Jesus Christ, is always there for us to comfort us and to give us joy even in the most difficult circumstances. We are especially comforted by the Savior when we open the scriptures.

Anyone who needs a spiritual boost.

Top thing learned:
Prayer is essential and helps with anything, including help with creating a design. I felt I was led by the spirit while making this montage.

Color Scheme:
Complementary// Orange and Blue

Title Font Name and Category:
Beyond the Mountains// Script

Body Copy Font Name and Category:
Century Schoolbook// Serif

Thumbnails of any original, unedited images used in the project:

A photo by Ben White.  Friend- Liz Lemon Swindle

Source of Images:
Boy Laughing

“Friends” By Liz Lemon Swindle



4 thoughts on “Montage Project

  1. Hannah, your project was one of my favorites, it is fantastic how you connected these two images, they match perfectly, the colors are cool, and you did an excellent job choosing the fonts. Your montage really inspires. If I would be your client, I would definitely hire you. Great job in the contrast principle,also in the flow and alignment of your images. Your images really match your audience and your desing is really comunicative.

    Here is a link to my project in case you have time to look at it

    I also leave the link to Caroline’s Webster post which really inspires too.


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