Photodesign Project


1. Description: The purpose of this project was to create a design that included a well composed photograph with text to show my skills in Photoshop and knowledge of using a color scheme.

2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):

  1. I already decided that I was going to go to a farmers market to take photos so I knew there would be a lot of rich red and green colors and focused on that for my color scheme. I also made sure to take photos that would provide enough space to place text.
  2. Once I chose my favorite photo, I began to edit it in Photoshop.
    Edits made in Photoshop:
    -Adjusted levels to remove some blacks from the shadows in the photo and increased highlights.
    -Increased the vibrance and saturation a little to bring out the rich red color of the beets.
    -Used “unsharp mask” to get rid of some of the noise in the background.
    -Replaced some of the cyan hues with magenta/red
  3. When I had the edits that I liked, I placed the photo in a blank 11 x 8.5 inch document full bleed in Photoshop.
  4. I added the bottom dark red shape as a rectangle and used the pen tool to make the top round. I then placed the title or main message of the design over it. To add more information and more color I added a banner found in custom shapes and placed the date time and place.
  5. To add in one more color to my color scheme I placed a dark red rectangle on the left side and added the three circles with each color’s name in the circle. I found these names at I placed this on the left side so that it wouldn’t distract from the actual message.
  6. Once I had the design that I liked, I saved it as a jpg and printed it off at Fedex.

3. Critique Report: I critiqued Lindsay Handley and McKenzie Farnsworth. I also received critique from Anne Law and Lindsay Handley. I hadn’t placed the name of my color scheme in the draft yet so she reminded me to add in a color scheme and said that the spacing on the date time and place banner was a little off. I ended up changing the time so that it fit across the entire line without a space between the place and time. Lindsay suggested that I keep my color scheme small and out of the way of my photo. I also received critique from Brother Holladay who gave me a few recommendations on where I could place my color scheme. I followed his advice to put it on the left side of the image and away from the focal point which was the beets.

4. Message: The message of this design is to inform that there is a farmers market in the town and when/ where it is located.

5. Audience: The intended audience was for adults in Murfreesboro who want to know more about the farmers market in town. I intended for this design to be viewed as a post on Facebook or as an advertisement in a magazine.

6. Top Thing Learned: One of the most important things that I learned for this project was learning how to take an image that will allow space for text to be placed. I think that while this was a great photo and design, in the future I would choose an object that was more simple that didn’t have as much detail as the roots of the beets because it made the design seem a little busy. But I still am very proud of what I have created!

7. Color scheme and color names:
Monochromatic// Red (chestnut rose, stiletto, and rosewood)

8. Title Font Name & Category:
Orniste tfb// decorative

9. Copy Font Name & Category:
Crescent// Sans serif

10. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:

11. Source of each image (website name and hyper link):
This is an original image that I took

12. Embed video of printed project



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