Photography Activity


Light 1: Outside

For this photo, I put the focus on the big tree in the front right side. I used spot metering to allow the exposure to be placed on the sky but did not over expose it. In photoshop, I added the adjustment layers levels, vibrance, and selective color focusing on making the blues and pinks show more in the sky.


Light 2: Inside

For this photo I used my reading lamp as a light source which is a very direct source of light. I composed it with the focus in the left hand side of the photo. The lamp had a very yellow tint to so I used an adjustment layer and used selective color to  replace the yellow color.


Focus 1: Foreground

I had my husband stand on this balance beam and had the composition in the right side. I used my portrait lens for this photo to have a narrow depth of field. I used the sharp tool on his legs and the balance beam and the levels adjustment layer.


Focus 2: Background

For this photo I moved the focus to the background. It was a little dark outside so it was difficult to get the crisp focus that I needed. To make the background a little bit clearer, I used the sharpening tool only on the background. I also used the levels adjustment layer.


Composition 1: Subject on one thirds gridline

I placed my husband on the right side of the photo and placed the bench on the bottom horizontal section. I used the levels, selective color, and vibrance adjustment layers. With the levels, I toned down the whites in the sky because they were a little bit too bright.


Composition 2: Lead Room

For this photo I placed my husband on the left side of the composition. His eyes are facing into the photo. I used the levels, and vibrance adjustments. I also toned the whites down in the sky.


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