Prezi Presentation Project


Description: The purpose of this project was to create a Prezi presentation that follows the guidelines of creating effective slide design.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):

I had never used Prezi until I started this assignment. There were many challenges that I faced with Prezi and I found that there are a lot of limitations on what you can do to make it look good.

  1. I began by brainstorming ideas of what I could write about. I used for inspiration on what I wanted my project to look like. After viewing several textures, I decided to create something that looked like a travel journal.doc-oct-5-2016-10-28-pm
  2. I started to sketch my ideas on a piece of paper and came up with one main idea that I wanted to use.
  3. I inserted the picture of the journal that I had found on into the background but realized that the image was too small to fill the background. I ended up choosing another photo to use as the background image from which filled up the background much better.
  4. Next, I added in my title and the rest of the 10 tips along with the images I used that were provided by Prezi.
  5. I then created the order that I wanted the information to be viewed in. This was the step that took the longest because of the way the Prezi cropped the frames. I was very confused by it all but somehow made it work.
  6. I added some music to the background to add some interest to the presentation.

Critique Report: 

I critiqued the drafts of Lindsay Handley and Timothy Wells. I received comments from Missy Holland, Anne Law, and Lindsay Handley but did not receive any critique from them. I did however receive very helpful critiques from Brother Holladay. He suggested that I include some body copy into my presentation to add another contrasting font. I added some extra words to each tip. He also suggested that I try and fill the frame with my background image. Again, I struggled with doing this because of the way Prezi crops each image. Another suggestion was to have each tip appear right away and that I change the color of the font to a black to match my images. I had my husband Joel also critique my presentation. He told me that I should increase the size of the body copy and on tip #4 to add body copy on both sides of the compass. Overall I was very grateful for the critiques because I was struggling with Prezi.

Message: The message of this presentation is to give helpful tips for those planning to travel.

Audience: My audience is younger 20-somethings who can still go on spontaneous trips.

Top Thing Learned:
One of the biggest things I learned was to have patience when using Prezi and to not give up. I think it was a good lesson to learn because in the future, I will have clients or bosses ask me to use programs or do things that I am not used to doing but I need to adapt to their needs and get the result that they want.

Color scheme and color names:

Tan/brown-Monochromatic with black and white

Title Font Name & Category:

From Where You Are// Decorative

Body Copy Font Name & Category:

Sanchez// Serif

Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:


Source of each image (website name and hyper link):

Music Source:

Acoustic Guitar Motivational Music


4 thoughts on “Prezi Presentation Project

  1. I loved your Prezi! I am really glad you took Bro. Holladay’s advice and added the extra body copy, it was fun to read and made it more interesting! I also thought your two fonts contrasted very nicely. I loved the flow of it, it looked very nice and professional. I also loved that you added music to it, it definitely gave it a nice touch and went well with your presentation. Great work!


  2. Hannah, the changes you employed made your great Prezi even more awesome! You did a great job with Gestalt – your fonts, photos, clipart and music all worked together to unify and create a very clear message. The alignment of your slides made them look really sharp and easy to read. I liked how you had your body copy appear after – the extra tips made it even more fun to read. Your blog also looks really nice. It made a big difference to be able to click on your prezi picture to go to the link. Great job!

    My blog-
    Blake Jensen’s-


  3. Hi Hannah, I loved to watch your presentation. The fonts really match the audience and the topic you chose too. I love the quality of the images in your prezi. It looks really organize and professional, congrats.

    I invite you to watch my presentation by clicking the link below and why not, to leave a comment to improve my skills.

    Also if you have some extra minutes, go visit Christine Winward Prezi Presentation which is very professional too.



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