Magazine Cover Project


Description: The purpose of this project was to create a magazine cover with a few article titles that describe me.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): To create this project, I began by searching google images for creative magazine covers. I liked the way that the O Magazine (Oprah’s magazine) had consistency in every cover but still had its differences. I decided to recreate my own version of the O Magazine.
The process that I used to complete my project will be explained next:

doc-sep-28-2016-10-31-pmshapemap1. I began by sketching out four different layouts for how I wanted the cover to look.
2. I then selected my favorite design and opened a new 8.5 by 11 inch document in Indesign to create a digital shape map of the essential elements. I also selected my color scheme for the project.
3. Once I had everything laid out the way I wanted, I began to create a list of topics that I wanted to use for the article titles of my magazine. I didn’t want my magazine to look too cluttered so I only chose 3 magazine articles.
4. Next, I selected a self portrait of myself that had nice composition and enough space for all of the content plus white space. I edited this photo in Lightroom and Photoshop focusing on making the photo look sharp and well exposed.
5. I then placed the Photoshop file into my Indesign file and placed it as a full spread on the cover page.
6. After placing the file, I used the eyedropper tool to get colors from the image. I found the purple color from my leather jacket and the orange/yellow from the leaves on the ground in the background.
7. I then arranged the text for my articles in a way that was visually pleasing but also grabbed the readers attention. I used different font sizes and weights to add more interest to certain titles.
8. When everything was aligned well, and had good flow, I exported the document to a JPG for my blog and a PDF to print it out.

Critique Report: I critiqued Miriam Hoff and Missy Madsen Holland on the Facebook page. I received critique from Anne Law and she suggested that I incorporate the serif font from my main title into the titles of my articles to add contrast to the text. Mckenzie Farnsworth mentioned that some of my white text was hard to read and that I should move the article titles closer together. In the critique video from Brother Holladay, he suggested that I include more white space by moving my articles closer together. With my face to face critique my husband Joel suggested that I increase the font size of my smallest text so that it is easier to read. I followed the advice given by each person and changed my design by changing the most important parts of the article titles, especially numbers, to a bold, italic serif font. I also increased the size of some of my text so that it was easier to read and moved my articles closer together on the left side of the page to create more open white space. I am grateful for the critique that I received!
Message: The message of my magazine cover was to introduce a little bit about me through my photo and my article titles.
Audience: The intended audience was anyone wanting to learn more about who I am and the pretend company that was hiring me for an internship.
Top Thing Learned:
There is a lot of information that can be placed onto a magazine cover but it is important to make sure and simplify in order to entice a reader and not overwhelm them.
Color scheme and color names:
Complementary-Eggplant purple and orange/yellow dandelion
Title Font Name & Category:
Serif- Minion Pro
Body Copy Font Name & Category:
Sans Serif- Old Sans Black

Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:
Source of each image (website name and hyper link):
This image is my own.
Barcode Generator

Embed video of printed project:


6 thoughts on “Magazine Cover Project

  1. Hi Hannah! I loved watching your video presentation of your magazine cover. You are so pretty! Anyway, your project turned out great. I love, love, love your logo. I love the simplicity of it, and the classic serif font you used for your H. I like how you switched up the sizes of the words in the article titles to give them more interest. One of my favorite things you did was to make the 5 huge, and then align everything to it in the article title- that was really creative. Great job!

    I guess we are supposed to post a link to someone’s blog here:


  2. Wow, great job hannah! I love the picture you chose to layer in the background of your cover. It feels so fall and crisp and that makes me want to go frolick in a field somewhere haha. I also loved your logo. So simple and unique packed with a punch. I like the oldstyle font you chose. It feels very modern and hip to match your beautiful self featured on the front. Keep up the great work girl!


  3. This was an amazing cover! It really looks like a magazine cover! I think you did really well. I really liked your use of colors. It looks really good and brings everything together really well! Your logo is also really well done and you are so cute! I also really liked what your texts are about. They were really great ideas. Here’s my blog and a friend from the class.


  4. Hannah,
    It looks like you have one of the most like covers. I think its the best I seen. I think if you published this magazine people would buy it. Not on for the look of it but the stories you would put in it. I’m all ready to get those comfort food recipes.


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