Final Portfolio


It was fun to be able to look at all of my projects throughout this semester and to see the progress I have made! For this project, I inserted all of my previous projects into a powerpoint. I came up with the name Tailored Photo and Design to represent me and what I do, and used a needle and thread as my logo. The lines and boxes that look like stitches made from a needle and thread are incorporated on every page and are colors taken from each project.


I critiqued Savannah Sanok and Kaley Sullivan. I received comments from Jacob Clawson, Savannah Sanok, and Kristen Dunnels. They only left positive comments and no critiques, which made me feel great about the project and confident that I didn’t need to change anything so I left it the way that it was.


Powerpoint background

Needle and Thread


4 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Your portfolio is very impressive. I still can’t get over how good your social media project looks. Your web page design has to be my second favorite project you’ve done. I hope you have a chance to show these off at some future interview.


  2. Hi Hannah! Wow I showed your little stitched design to my mom and we both agreed it is so cute! I love how you tied in your design element with your title. It just reinforces the entire feel of the portfolio. Great job!


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