Magazine Spread Project (Print and Video)

I began to create my project by using a sketch that I had made previously and built a shape map for that sketch. This really helped me to know what content I wanted, and where I should put it.  I built my shape map in InDesign which is a new program to me so I really enjoyed learning new skills.


After adding my images into the shape map I created, I didn’t feel like it had a good flow or had any sort of creativity to it so I decided to move my picture of the bridge to the bottom left corner and play around with shaping the text to the image. I feel like this really brought a nice touch to the article without taking away from its purpose. The audience of this magazine spread is for teenagers that read the New Era and want to read an inspiring message. I feel that the colors and images chosen in my design would reach out to this audience well.

Cover to Cover


I critiqued Emma Merrill and Coby Carter on the class Facebook page. I received critique from Todd Patch, Carrie Hunt, and Sister Peterson. Todd suggested that I play around with the sizing and positioning of the title so I made the words “cover” larger than the word “to” and I also added a stroke to the word “cover.” Emma suggested that I add more color to the background and title so I added a light blue background with a feather so that it matched the sky in the bridge picture. I also changed the font to an orange shade that was selected from the bridge picture as well. My instructor Sister Peterson suggested that I add a repeating design element so I added the three orange squares with a gradient by the title and also added an orange square with a gradient behind the quote box. She also suggested that I include repeating colors so I added a drop cap to my body copy in orange and selected some important words in my quote.


Title: Orator std
Body Copy: News Gothic MT


The Book of Mormon (original image by Hannah Morgan)

The Bridge of the Gods


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