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This week I have had the lovely opportunity of driving 9 hours to surprise my sister and cute nephew in Washington D.C. My sister is an amazing artist so I decided to take pictures of her paintings and make a website. I am looking forward to my summer break where I can learn a lot more about coding and bring the website to life! I began my webpage by first sketching out ideas of what I wanted my webpage to look like in a wireframe. I wanted something very simple that wouldn’t distract the viewer from the paintings. I chose the color scheme of a soft, dark blue and deep yellow/gold color since there are tones of blue in my sister’s paintings. My audience was for those who wanted to view Marinda’s portfolio and either hire her for painting designs or purchase her work. I then created my layout in Photoshop. I added some asymmetry into the design by right aligning my navigation bar instead of centering it. I felt that this helped the eyes to flow from the logo, to the image and it also helped to make it easy to figure out where they want to go on the website.


For this project I critiqued Jacob Clawson and BreAnna Fryer. I received critiques from BreAnna Fryer and Charity Jacob. BreAnna helped me out by suggesting that I make the font in the nav bar more cohesive with the body copy font so I changed it to Avenir Light. Charity also gave me the suggestion to add some more white space into the design by making my body text box a little smaller. I think that both of these insights really helped give my webpage the look I was hoping for!

Color Scheme:

Dark blue and yellow-gold (complimentary)


Bakery (decorative/script)
Avenir Light (sans serif)


All paintings/photos are originals by Marinda Mullis

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One thought on “Web Page Layout

  1. Hannah, I really like that you used your own photography on this project and you are going to try and bring it to life. I really like the colors that you used. It all flows together and looks very professional.


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