Movie Poster Project





The message of my poster was to show a bit of my slightly nerdy and funny personality through my movie poster. I really like Harry Potter, and I really like my kitten Quiche so I thought it was a great way to combine the two. The summary at the bottom might not seem like it relates to my life in any way, but I am usually battling with my kitten every morning to keep him from bitting our toes. He may be a cute kitten, but he is ferocious. The audience of my movie poster is my family and friends and also anyone who likes to watch Harry Potter.

Critique Report:

I critiqued Tahnee Smallwood’s and Cole Hibbard’s movie posters. I received critiques from Jacob Hayes and Tiffany Carbajal. Jacob suggested that the color of the font was a little too sharp compared to the rest of the poster so I decreased the opacity and added a drop shadow to make it blend in a little better. Tiffany suggested that I make sure there are .5 margins around the border so I moved some of the text more towards the center in case the printer cut off some of the text.


Harry P (decorative)
Lumos Latino (scrpit)
Movie Poster (sans serif)

The images of me and my cat are images that I took

Storm background, Dumbledore’s Wand, light swirl, Warner Bros logo


2 thoughts on “Movie Poster Project

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the battles you have with your kitten. I think it plays really well into your poster. Your facial expression definitely portraits a sense of rivalry against your cat. I also really like where you put your title. Just looking at your poster made me want to watch Harry Potter! If you have a chance, check out my blog and Jacobs!



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