Event Flier Project



My goal in creating this flier was to reach to the people of my small hometown, Ridgefield and invite them to do something better for the community by attending the plant sale. My audience was for a wide variety of ages who live in a small town so I really wanted to make the flier seem friendly and inviting.

First, I picked out a color scheme that would attract my audience which was purple and yellow. These two colors are complimentary. I then searched for a photo that represented this color scheme well and related to the message. Using Microsoft Word, I designed a logo for Honeybee Gardens and inserted all of the necessary information for the event.

I knew something was off about my rough draft but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. The flier seemed very busy to me but I wasn’t sure how I could change it. I received wonderful critiques from Suzie Howell and Shanalee Manwaring which helped me to get started on making some changes. Suzie mentioned that my title and logo were difficult to see. Shanalee pointed out that there wasn’t enough white space in my design. I also received a few critiques from Sister Peterson to decrease my body copy font size to the same size as the address. She also pointed out that my title wasn’t contrasting enough to catch her attention. In order to make the title and logo stand out a little more, I removed the green background and just left it white. I also added a thin dark yellow stroke to the text of the title and the logo. When I decreased my body copy size, it looked like something was missing so I changed the design element in my logo to a honeycomb and used those throughout my flier. I was happy with the end result and glad I could make a clean and organized flier!

Color Scheme:
Complementary: Purple and Yellow

Logo title: Dragon is Coming (Script)
Title: Cabin Semi Bold (Sans Serif)
Body Copy: Cabin Regular (Sans Serif)
(All fonts downloaded from dafont.com)

Link to Images:
Purple Flowers
Neighbors Helping Neighbors logo



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