Tasteful Typography Project

I really enjoyed creating my design for the “Tasteful Typography Project.” I learned so many new things about typography that I didn’t know before. It has come to the point where I notice typography designs in everything I see!

Here is what I created for this project:


This next image is a screenshot of my draft that I designed in Microsoft Word:


The intended audience is mainly for young teenagers/young adults. Even though the quote was written more than 30 years ago, it still relates to the young generation who can’t seem to experience joy without having a cellphone in their hands to share it with others.

The quote I used was written by the author Toni Morrison from her book Tar Baby. Once I found my quote, I searched for a photo that depicted joy and simplicity. The key words I searched for were “little girl playing in rain” and found this photo which has great contrast with the bright pink dress and rainy gray background. I really wanted the pink color to pop so after pasting the image into Microsoft Word, I created a text box with the words “LET GO” in the same pink. I then inserted another text box with the quote in a white font and added two white lines to focus the gaze on the quote. After playing around with the fonts and colors for a bit, I finally found the layout that I wanted. I then converted my file from a PDF to JPG through smallpdf.com and submitted it to Facebook for critique.

I received some great pointers on how to improve my design from my peers and my teacher on the class Facebook page. After receiving some feedback from Sister Peterson and my classmates that my body copy was difficult to see, I increased the size by 1 point which made a big difference. I also followed the advice from this video about “Typography in Word” and inserted a black rectangle behind the text with a high transparency percentage which made a subtle difference in being able to read the text. I followed the advice from Sister Peterson to make the size of my title larger instead of centering it in the middle of the line. I found it a little bit difficult to make the spacing between the lines and text equal because I am used to using the ruler tool in Photoshop but after a while, I was able to adjust the spaces equally. I critiqued the rough drafts of Alyssa Williams and Anamaria Garcia.

Font Names/Category:
Title: Helvetica Bold, sans serif
Body Copy: Iowan Old Style, old style

Link to image:


4 thoughts on “Tasteful Typography Project

  1. Hannah, great work with color in you project! I love that you brought the dress color into the title to create unity. I feel like the message applies to us these days with always trying to capture the moment, when really we just need to live in some moments.


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